I gave this talk for a BBL (Brown Bag Lunch) at Axa Web Center, organized by Cyril Lakech. The goal of the talk was to present React and its ecosystem (React-Router, Redux, MobX, ...)


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 Errors I made

  • Too. Many. Subjects. It was really hard to talk quickly about all that. I had one hour for this talk so I thought I could cram it all in but I had to talk quick and just fly over each subjects.

 What I think I did well

  • The slides are reusable and the links in it are great.

  • Using markdown-to-slides was really a boost to make so many slides in less than two days. The talk is just one markdown file and it's really easy to export it (and it makes a good way of preserving it). Incendently, code slides were readable.