I gave this talk for the Chti JS #15, the Lille JS meetup community. The goal was to present React by going a little further than Hello Worlds or TodoList. It was between a talk about API architecture and Micro Services by Nicolas Froidure and a talk about Redux in React Native by Mathieu Acthernoene.


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 Errors I made

  • I didn't expect 800x600 video projector so code is sometimes cut (as you can see if you see the slides in the iframe). I need to work on that and show less code at once. Maybe with strange formatting. Maybe without boilerplates (imports, exports...).

  • Talking loudly enough for about 30 people is hard for me and I was not prepared. There was no mic so I had to extend my voice way beyond usual and I'll have to work on that.

 What I thing I did well

  • Overall, I think the talk went well: everybody seemed to understand the subject and I was just a few minutes late for the 20 minutes mark.